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Cutors is a Telegram message group for tuition educators, created just for tutors! It aims to nurture quality educators by providing them with a safe space to discuss among other tutors and to get the latest information and help they need.

No ads, no nonsense, just quality conversations!

Free to join

Join our Cutors Telegram group for free! All you need is to download the free Telegram app from your app store, click the invite link below and voila, welcome to Cutors! Oh, and don’t forget to invite your fellow tutors too with this link:

Tutor Support

Facing troubles with some tuition classes that you’re teaching but don’t know where to get help? Ask the group! Our community of tutors will be more than happy to help one another out.

Tutor Resources

Cutors Drive was created for tutors to share teaching resources. Feel free to utilise the materials available and upload your own! Join the community to receive a link to the drive for FREE.

Tutor Development

Aspiring to be a tutor but you are unfamiliar with the industry? Looking to exchange assignments? The Cutors community will be more than willing to share their expertise and answer your queries!

Community Rules

As this is a non-profit community that is built for tutors, members of the group would be subjected under the following rules, to keep the community relevant and conducive for all members of the group.

  1. Have friendly discussions, but always agree to disagree!
  2. No spamming
  3. No profanities
  4. No religious touting
  5. No touting
  6. No taunting
  7. No soliciting of tutors